How to make a hammer into an adze and carve a hollow log

Well the storm in Gisborne washed up a huge lot of wooden treasure onto the downtown beach:


spot the doglet in mid jump:


so we got beachcombing and picked up wood for compost bins, hunks of firewood, and pieces like this:

085 086 087 So, the hollow needed cleaning out and exposing the heart rimu. I needed a gouging adze! Looked online and found some forging fanatics who did a great job hammering redhot car springs etc on anvils then tempering etc, and I thought – too long, better not get into blacksmithing just now… so I came up with the idea of using the angle grinder to make a hollow in an old ball peine hammer. It took about 20 minutes – and it works pretty well:

098 099 101 102

fine tuning: will get a round abrasive bit and smooth the hollow perfectly round and a bit more acute. But it already does a fair job at least for the roughing out.

Don’t know what the log piece will be, but there’s this oval in it which could be carved into A baby/tiki? An elf?