I am Peter Harris, aka the ‘wizard of Eutopia’, a ‘eutopian’ philosopher and artist of New Zealand. I built a sculptural cafe called cafe Eutopia, and I write fantasy, and make hobbit cabins, and sometimes jewellery, and probably too many other things for a 61-year-old to handle when he has two little grandsons…

But this site is where I just share my art. Hopefully art that will be seen and bought as sacred art, that is, art which honours and invites the sacred into our lives, opens windows to it in our minds.

Here’s to art, sublime art, sensuous art, joyous art. I could put my philosopher’s hat on and reason about the nature and types of (true) art, but I won’t just now, or not here – I hope the paintings will speak for themselves – though I do plan to keep doing inscriptions around each frame, and making the frames altar-like, with space for your own sacred objects or candles etc. Hopefully they will, installed in your quiet room, encourage the meditative frame of mind which is the best path into the experience of the Sacred, God, the Source, the All, the Is – both in Its/Her/His transcendent heavenly masculine aspect ‘like shining from shook foil’ (Hopkins)  and in the Immanent Divine, which is like a quiet cave or deep moss in hidden places under trees where fairies might dance…

For more about other things I do, perhaps go to my ‘main’ blog, www.wizardofeutopia.com and the page listing my blogs: http://wizardofeutopia.com/fascinating-list-of-my-blogs/


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