Enthorned They Dream

So, this is my brand new blog – yet another! But this art is  what I’m mainly doing now, when not planning or building hobbit havens… This is a new painting framed in the new style which I call ‘Altars of Art’. Hence the blog name. I hope you like it.

enthorned they dream copy

Description and prices:

Enthorned They Dream
Peter Harris, August 2015
24″ by 36″
Original $5,550, limited edition signed prints full size stretched canvas unframed $333, framed with the silver lettering in ‘altar’ style $555.
Acrylic on canvas, framed by the artist with an ‘altar’ frame with explanatory inscription in etched aluminium around the perimeter. Sacred art depicting two ‘enthorned’ heroes of the epic Apples of Aeden (by Peter Harris) as they dream the transformation of Aeden and secretly guide that land towards a new age.
email me peter@eutopia.co.nz to order or inquire. Thanks!

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